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Hello Harold gives you the foundation you need to navigate the markets and plan your financial future. Harold takes you along with him on phone calls and meetings, conferences, and classrooms, and lets you eavesdrop on his thoughts, conversations, and brainstorming sessions with clients, colleagues, and students. Harold introduces you to actionable concepts that will make you a far better investor, with a sound plan for your future. You may even have some fun along the way. Unlike most books you’re familiar with, don’t feel obligated to move from page one through to the end. Each chapter stands on its own, so you can skip and jump to your heart’s content, chasing subjects you find of interest in any order that appeals to you. No matter where you land, whether it’s cash flow or market timing or taxes or any of a myriad of essential topics, you’re likely to find something you hadn’t considered before in quite that way. Each chapter is designed to give you insights that will improve your financial bottom line and your chances of achieving your financial goals.